Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Itunes

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The itunes store is the place to download an application from iPhone, iPad, iPod and iOS Device. One of the best games for card trading is like Rage of Bahamut Game. That game is most popular in android device but now you can play it in other device.

Rage of Bahamut Itunes
Rage of Bahamut Itunes

In rage of bahamut itunes you can get information about the game and version of device that can be used for the application. You also can see the costumers ratings about the game, its will be help you to know how much is popularity of rage of bahamut game.

You can download the rage of bahamut from you device or through the computer. In some case if you want to download the apps from your computer you need to install itunes application before it. To download the application to your device you can visit this link.

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  1. iTunes is not directly supporting refunds or other requests regarding this game at this time. There have been too many complaints registered, and they have closed direct support regarding this. They are no longer issuing refunds either. All issues must be brought to Mobage directly, hopefully if enough people having issues with purchases in game, Mobage will get their act together.


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