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Rage of Bahamut Friendship Points

Tags: Rage of Bahamut Friendship Points

The friendship points are the system bonus point at rage of bahamut game. If you already have 200 point of friendship point, you can exchange them to friendship card pack.

Rage of Bahamut Friendship Points
Rage of Bahamut Friendship Points

From the friendship card pack you can obtain rarity from normal card until the rare card. It is a random mode, to get the rare card you have 60-70% chance. In another case, you also possible to get the High Rare from friendship card, but the drop rate is about 20-30% chance (very low)

Where I get the friendship point? There is three ways to get rage of bahamut friendship points each day by log in to your account you will be earn 400 points, Tweet using the game twitter you will earn 400 points, and sending your fellows support messengers get 8 point and for non fellow obtain 4 points.

So, make sure everyday before you doing quest or battle, you doing those for collecting the friendship point. So you will be get more cards or rupies (selling the cards), that should be help you to improve your character.

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