Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Bugs

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Recently a news from the feedback mobage, in rage of bahamut game is not 100% save from the bugs. The report says everyone found bugs in some features like evolve, enhance, battle and even in drop rate.

Rage of Bahamut Bugs
Rage of Bahamut Bugs

For example; some people says can’t evolve or even enhance the human and demon cards, it is because when you press the evolve button, the system will be pop up no card in your deck, but the card already in deck.

The other rage of bahamut bugs come from the blue treasure drop rate, why that so hard to find a blue treasure in the quest. The mobage team should review for this problem.

The most recently report bugs like:
- Angel bunny bug
- Treasure bug
- Level up bug
- Enhance and Evolve bug

We know the mobage team doing hard work to fix the bugs, and collected more information from the player. Maybe in the next version release, Mobage already fix the bugs and make playing a game more fun.


  1. Dont know how to contact them to get them to fix a major bug in the game.When stamina is close to depletion it calculates if you have enough stamina to perform another go.However if you were to recieve a chest or experience when your stamina is close to depletion it does not give you your treasure or experience even though you just completed another phase. Determination of whether you have stamina to continue should be setermined after loot and experience are awarded and not afterwards.I have missed out on a huge amount of cards and had to wait to level up a few times due to this bug.

  2. Recently to prepare for Hoy Wars I bought 50$ worth of cards for the HP. After Holy Wars Started my guild was not allowed to participate. RossPgerard is my username. Please fix this problem.

  3. I lose parts off my honor point for no reason( i dont mean the refreshing on mondays) pls fix that Problem! Username: sorker


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