Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Blue Medal

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The rage of bahamut Blue Medal is part of the medal set treasure. The blue medal is very hard to find, because it’s the random and have low of drop rate. You can find the medal treasure from the line quest at chapter 14 until chapter 17.

Rage of Bahamut Blue Medal
Rage of Bahamut Blue Medal

If you lucky you can get the blue medal in easy way, but some people get annoying and mad because they can get the best drop from the battle. To get the rage of bahamut blue medal treasure, you need be patient and repeating the quest.

For players who can’t get the blue medal even after trying hard do quest. They can use the battle system to get the items. In battle, you must fast selecting the medal and starting the battle, because many players waiting for that chance.

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