Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Blue Treasure Issue

Tags: Rage of Bahamut Blue Treasure Issue

The rage of bahamut blue treasure is one of the hardest parts to get the one. The blue treasure like blue ring, blur orb, blue key, blue tablet, blue scroll, blue medal and the others. The items is used everyone to completed a set of the treasure type to get the rare card reward.

Rage of Bahamut Blue Treasure Issue
Rage of Bahamut Blue Treasure Issue

Actually some people claim it is a random drop and very low drop rate for the rage of bahamut blue treasure, so you need to repeat and repeat again the quest until get the items. My friends on the game take a week to get the blue items with repeat the quest.

Mobage should to increase the blue treasure drop rate or give some advice where the location of the blue treasure is and how to get the blue treasure with the fast way. It will be help for the player to playing with more fun.

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  1. blue treasures are the least obtainable. try to identify the quests they appeared or the quests 4 treasure boxes were available but u didnt get a treasure....repeat these...u never know...hope this helps oh and byw71658 if u need it


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