Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Android

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Rage of Bahamut android game is a game of cards that can be played through the android 2.0 and up. Right now you can enjoy the Rage of Bahamut version

Rage of Bahamut Android
Rage of Bahamut Android

Rage of Bahamut android version has some interesting features such as Alluring characters and stunning, like some Innovative game play and unique power summon combos, and some Plunder goods from the game.

Download Rage of bahamut android at no cost to expertise this ground-breaking MULTIPLAYER BATTLE-FEST by which you tackle gamers on-line and pit your expertise in opposition to every different. 

pushed by an in-recreation economy, the sport methods places you within the management of your future by buying items, evolving and synthesizing characters, constructing alliances and a lot.


  1. Referal-Code: qcl83548 hi everybody! I have to say that this is the best handygame existing at this time!! be careful cause it will make you addict :-) !!! its easy to play and very nice created, heads up to the designers!!! If you are interested in starting rage of bahamut and want to have a nice start-upgrade, please enter referal-code qcl83548 at the end of the tutorial. this will give both of us 100.000 ingame coins and a nice card to start! thanks for listening to my short impression of this game! have fun !

    1. I will be honest! if u use my code: tba97145 u will get either 50,000 or 100,000 rupees depending on the offer thats running at the time and 1 rare card, i will get 1000 friendship points and when u get to lvl 10 a rare card.
      This is true and any other offer amounts are total utter lies.
      p.s. if u use my code find me in game anunaki848 and i will help u out and add u as a fellow.


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