Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Google Play

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The rages of bahamut Google play which the place to get the bahamut game. In the Google play you will be also find the latest update of the application and you will be seen description of the game.

Rage of Bahamut Google Play
Rage of Bahamut Google Play

If you have android device, you can connect rage of bahamut Google play from the Google market application. It’s very easy to install the application through the market. Only need login into your account and starting to download it.

In another case if you don’t like install rage of bahamut from Google play, you can also find the rage of bahamut apk to install it manual in your android device. For some people it’s very usefully ways, but it’s hard to find the latest update of apk file.


  1. type omy90753 as a referral code and get SS Rare card and 100000 Ruppies

    1. I will be honest! if u use my code: tba97145 u will get either 50,000 or 100,000 rupees depending on the offer thats running at the time and 1 rare card, i will get 1000 friendship points and when u get to lvl 10 a rare card.
      This is true and any other offer amounts are total utter lies.
      p.s. if u use my code find me in game anunaki848 and i will help u out and add u as a fellow.

  2. This is a very nice game with some great multiplayer events. Use this code ("yla77388") when you finish the tutorial and recieve 100.000 rupies (in game money) and a very nice rare card. A great way to start this game.Get it now!


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