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Rage of Bahamut Treasure

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You can say the rage of bahamut treasure is a reward for doing main quest or battle with the other player. Every treasure that you can obtain depends by your faction alignment.

Rage of Bahamut Treasure
Rage of Bahamut Treasure

In the rage of bahamut treasure, there are 6 different colors from 10 types of the treasures. The six of treasures is like; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and Emerald. For the ten type treasures like; Ring, Orb, Key, Medal, Tablet, Scroll, Map, Crystal, Necklace and crown.

If you already complete one type of the treasure that includes different color, for the reward you can get the rare card. As example you have a set Ring Treasures, include; red ring, Blue ring, green ring, yellow ring, purple ring and emerald ring. So for the reward you can obtain a phoenix rare card.

It is be better to collect all of rage of bahamut treasures from the main quest.

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