Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Buy Cards

Tags: Rage of Bahamut Buy Cards

The rage of bahamut buy cards system is help you to generate or obtain a new cards with easily, in addition you can also obtain the card from the battle, quest or participating in event.

Rage of Bahamut Buy Cards
Rage of Bahamut Buy Cards

How I can buy a card? You can buy a card by using friendship point that you get while playing a game or spend your money to buy some mobagecoin. If you have mobagecoin you can buy some rare card or unusual items, those items should be more powerful to supporting in the battle.

You can also get a free card once a day; just check your inbox recently after login. That will be helping you a bit, until you have enough money to buy the best card for the battle.


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