Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Chapter

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Did you know how many rage of bahamut chapter that you can play? Some people playing just following the game chapter and without know how much chapter in the game.

Rage of Bahamut Chapter
Rage of Bahamut Chapter

As information, there are 33 chapters that you can play in rage of bahamut game. Every chapter has 5 quests and 5 rewards card for every character (man, gods, demons). Only for the chapter one that teach you how to playing a game with some basic instructions.

In another case the rage of bahamut chapter is the main quest of the game, but you can get another quest too from the event. In the event you will be get some rare items and cards. That can be helping you to solve the main quest.


  1. There are mor chapters than 28. I don't know how many there really are, but I'm on chapter 31


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