Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Phoenix

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The rage of bahamut Phoenix is one of the rare cards with three star. The card is obtained from quest line, but to get the reward, you must collect all the ring treasure (six of them).

Rage of Bahamut Phoenix
Rage of Bahamut Phoenix

The Phoenix is from Gods faction with 1240 attack and 1160 defense. The card also has flame of life as special ability and consumes 10 of power cost. In market price you can sell the card for 5,550 rupies.

In another case, the rage of bahamut Phoenix card is cannot be evolves. But this card is very powerful to boost the god’s faction defense.


  1. How do you redeem the card after you get all 6 rings?

    1. If you already completed all treasures.

      Go to menu -> treasurers, and then find the treasurer you complete. There should be a claim card button.


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