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Rage of Bahamut on Pc with Android SDK

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I’m trying to play Rage of Bahamut on PC with Android SDK emulator. Android SDK emulator is one of the best emulator to open an application demo of the android software.

Rage of Bahamut on Pc with Android SDK
Rage of Bahamut on Pc with Android SDK

About my review play the game on pc with android sdk. Rage of bahamut can run in that emulator, but in slow running. It’s about 3-10 minutes to open the next chapter of the game.

Sometimes in middle game, its going to crash and restart from the beginning. Maybe it’s about the connection or some system in emulator that can’t load fast.

If you want to play rage of bahamut on pc with android sdk for a long time, im not recommend using this emulator. You will be tired for waiting the loading of the game.


  1. Do you have a referrence on how to actually run RoB on the sdk? New to the SDK program.

    1. Use referral code sdk71084 for lots of rupies and a rare card... Free tips save all holy powders and put everything into stamina until you reach level 50 then 100 def the rest on attack ^_^

    2. I will be honest! if u use my code: tba97145 u will get either 50,000 or 100,000 rupees depending on the offer thats running at the time and 1 rare card, i will get 1000 friendship points and when u get to lvl 10 a rare card.
      This is true and any other offer amounts are total utter lies.
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  2. For the default apps on SDK in dont have Rage of bahamut application, You need to install ROB.apk or install the android market.

    After install you can playing same as in real android device. In some case, the emulator is take a long time to open, and gettng some crash.

    1. seems no workin in my case..tells me device already registered..

    2. Does this still work?

  3. Enter referral code bou31852 for 100,000 rupies AND a free RARE card!

    Here are a few pointers to go along with the referral code for people starting out.

    1) Keep ALL of your Holy Powders you earn! You do not need to use them while you are building your levels and completing treasure sets. They are valuable trade pieces if you have a lot of them, and even if you do not trade them, they are incredibly valuable when Holy Wars take place (a 3 – 4 day all-out-brawl between Orders, explained below)! I repeat, DO NOT USE YOUR HOLY POWDERS!

    2) Also, as a reference point, IF you do trade Holy Powders, 2 Holy Powders should be equivilent to 1 RARE card. Double check the Rare card you are receiving in the trade is not a fully evolved form of a High Normal card (which you can pull from Friendship packs and throughout the Quest). You can tell if a card is fully evolved by looking in the lower right corner of the card. If the four dots are filled in, the card is fully evolved.

    3) Save the Crystal Water you earn throughout the Quest for later levels if at all possible because the benefit of using them is just not worth it in the beginning. Trust me, the longer you can hold off using them, the better off you will be! I wish someone would have told me that when I started.

    4) As you earn attribute points for completing the levels in Quest and raising your level, start off by putting the majority of the points toward building up your Stamina through the first 15 – 20 levels, then focus in on increasing your defense and attack together. In Battle Mode, opponents can see what your defense level is at, but not your defensive cards you have in your deck, and if you have a low defense level, expect the gathering of treasures to be a long process because people will take your treasures if the defense level is low.

    5) Always make sure you add Fellows as you increase in levels. This will bring FIVE additional attribute points that you can add across the board for your stamina, attack, and defense!

    6) Lastly, when you are able to join an Order, JOIN ONE! You need to be in one for Holy Wars to get Rare, High Rare, S Rare, and SS Rare cards! When you join an Order, BE ACTIVE! Donate what you can, both rupies and treasures that you have extra of, because all of the donations go into a pot so the Order Leader can build walls to protect during Holy Wars. The more walls, the higher the level of the protection, which will increase your chances of winning battles in Holy Wars!

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  6. Referral Code : CRT92928

    ***********************************Rage of Bahamut Tips****************************************

    You get 5 stats when you add a fellow and you lose 5 when you remove
    one. Save cure water and holy powder for high level. Invest in stamina
    to level up fast in early stages.

    Here are Some Tips by James Lee
    1-as it is stated above, invest on stamina for the early part of the
    game. The only way you will level up in this game is through the quests,
    and quests cost stamina.

    2-Do not miss the bonuses offered. Starting with the referral code
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    3-Do not try to enhance normal cards. Enhancements take like 100
    normal cards to achieve MAX, and costs a lot, so it is better to just
    use them as level1. Of course, it is strongly recommended that you
    evolve them.

    4-When evolving, it may give you slightly, very slightly stronger
    stats if you combine 8 cards instead of 4 cards. But, since this costs a
    lot more, and is a waste of a time, I personally won’t recommend it.

    5-Skills. There are some cards that have “skills” embedded in them.
    Those cards are useful when you battle against another player.

    6-This concerns evolving again. When you rank a card up by evolving
    it, its levels and skill levels are set back to 0. So consider it well
    before you do.

    7-Att/Def stats. In the beginning, you do not have to focus on
    defense so much. Focus on attack points, and it is not late to worry
    about defense when your level is around 15.

    8-Form decks carefully. There are several decks you have to form
    before being prepared. In the beginning, just use the recommended decks
    they give you, and there is no problem. However, later, when you get
    some more cards, your recommended deck gets messed up.

    9-Attacking. This is one of the most fun part of this game. you can
    steal money and treasures from other players if you have enough attack
    stats left. However, when you lose, you may lose your money too. that’s
    why this action also needs some considerations too.

    10-Use quests well. In quests, you can get cards, money, exp points,
    and treasures If you do not need cards you get from there, you can sell
    it or use it for enhancing your other cards, and by collecting
    treasures, you can get bonus rare cards.

    11-Leveling up refills your stamina/attack/defense stats. Try to use them all right before leveling up for maximum use.

    12-Get fellows as fast as you can. Each fellow gives you 5 stat
    points, and by “supporting” fellows, or posting something at their page,
    you get extra friendship points you can use to buy cards.

    13-Try to fill in the archive bonuses. There are two types of archive
    bonus, one given when you discover more new cards (evolving cards
    counts too), and another one when you achieve MAX in card’s level by
    enhancing it (each cards have different levels to reach to get MAX).
    First one gives you more rooms to hold cards, and the latter one speeds
    up the regeneration of your stamina/attack/defense. The latter one will
    be a lot harder to do at the beginning. Try to do the first one by
    evolving cards with three of a same kind in your hands.

    Good luck, please do not hesitate to use my referral code, and you can ask me anything related to this game,,
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  7. playing rob on android sdk seems not workin..i wanted to register my device but it told my device would be already registered..kind of wired cause its a virtual device..whats about that? can it be fixed?

  8. Game Developer Code DVY14184
    I know a game developer that got fired from Mobage. He gave me this refferal code they use. It give you 9999 of everything and SSR MAX cards. Only catch is you have to get to lv 10 and have it activated with a device

  9. Game Developer Code: KYQ79433

    I have a friend who works with CY Games.
    Using this code at the end of the tutorial will give you 10000 of everything and SSR MAX MAX cards! Only catch is, you have to get to lvl 10 and have it activated with a device.

  10. how do you download rob on this device thing i cant figure it out

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