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Rage of Bahamut Guide Holy Wars

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The Rage of Bahamut Holy Wars is one of the best events to get the Holy Wars Point. More point you get in the battle, there are more chance for you to get the rare items

Rage of Bahamut Guide Holy Wars
Rage of Bahamut Guide Holy Wars

If you get enough points of the holy wars, you can change it into some rare cards like; Skull Rider, Elaine, Master Gunner, Michael, Mythril Golemn and Raphaella. Those cards have 2000 until 4000 on ATK and DEF stat, the good cards for battle.

Here some Guide to doing the Rage of Bahamut Holy Wars Event;
- You need fast recover the ATK and DEF status with the Holy Powder, so you need save that items for event (you get the free items one each login per-day)
- You will be lose if you use the stamina point, at this case you need more ATK and Def point to fast defeat the enemies.
- This is a random fight selection, if you in the high level guild it’s more chance to get the winner.

That some guide and tips to help you get a chance winning the Holy Wars Event.


  1. lets paraphrase here
    for the holy war its important to have high atk power and def power, because stamina is basically useless when it comes to fighting players.

    in order to ensure you have plenty of atk and def points it is wise to save all of your holy powder for this event. holy powder fully replenishes your atk and def power.

    basically dont trade your holy powders for a high normal or something stupid when you start, because you will definitely regret it later on.

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  2. eaw90597 for free 100k and epic rare card at the end of tutorial for putting this in


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