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Rage of Bahamut Wiki

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The Rage of Bahamut Wiki is the best place how to get information about the rage of bahamut games. Every player always goes to wiki to find some guide or information about the quest.

Rage of Bahamut Wiki
Rage of Bahamut Wiki

In the Rage of bahamut wiki you also can find the new update about the game, such us the version of the game, the new items and other improvement tools.

So if you a newbie and don’t know how to playing rage of bahamut game, you should visit the rage of bahamut wiki to improve your experience how to playing the rage of bahamut game.


  1. Great fun game! Start out with a rare card and 100k if u use this referral code after the tutorial. q e x 4 1 3 7 6

    1. I will be honest! if u use my code: tba97145 u will get either 50,000 or 100,000 rupees depending on the offer thats running at the time and 1 rare card, i will get 1000 friendship points and when u get to lvl 10 a rare card.
      This is true and any other offer amounts are total utter lies.
      p.s. if u use my code find me in game anunaki848 and i will help u out and add u as a fellow.

  2. Newbie guide :D
    Their are 3 Realms you can choose with from the begining: Man/God/Demon

    Game sugestion is to take God. What you have to know about the three realms to make your choice easier is:

    Man -The strongest defense cards in game
    God -Have good skill effects and are balanced in attack and defense
    Demon - The strongest attack cards in game

    Man and God cards are rly easy to get so if you prefer have good cards fast go either for man or for god realm.

    One more thing i heared in the begining you should concentrate your attribute points only in stamina or at least mainly until a certain level than you go more for attack and deffence! In the end it depends on you how you stat yourself.

    If you liked my lil guide to make youR choice easier what Realm to choose from
    USE MY REFERRAL CODE: ued56558

    You will get as starter 100.000 Rupies and a Rare Hilds Card

    Have Fun with this addicting game :D

    1. I forgot the most important thing for the new ppl that has to select a realm.
      First of all you have to know that even if you pick demon realm you can still play god and man cards. The thing you are missing when you play with god or man cards as a demon is a bonus you get for using realm related cards.
      If i play as demon user demon cards i will get a bonus to attack and defence to all demon cards that fighting.
      Its said that the bonus is 5% to attack and defence. The bonus starts with at least two cards of your realms in the deck.

  3. Very addictive game. Use code ufy39207 after tutorial to get 100k cahs and a rare card, wich can also be upgraded much more powerful card later in the game. This is a huge help in the beginning. Have fun!

  4. (Referral Code: nkg56084)

    I tried this game out because I read some positive reviews. And after playing this game for a week, I have to say that the reviews had merit.

    It is a basic card game where you gather cards through questing or events. You can evolve the cards to make them stronger, and enhance the cards to level them up (also making them stronger). You assemble your cards and make a deck of 5 that you can use to battle other players. There are 3 main stats that you have in the game: stamina, which is used to for questing, and attack power and defensive power, which are used to determine the maximum strength of your deck. Each card is given a "power level" and you have to have enough attack or defensive power to use the card. So if you have an attack power of 20, but have a card that is 22 power, you can't use the card. But you can use one 20 power card, or two 10 power cards. You can increase your stats through leveling or friending people. The higher the level you are, the more friends you can have.

    There are orders, which are like guilds in other games. You can talk to other players and work together to accomplish goals during events. There also seems to be a recurring PvP event where orders battle eachother.

    Events also occur, where you can get better cards. There's a ranking system as well, and you can get extra rewards (cards, items) based on how you rank.

    The game is free, and you can spend money to purchase items to regenerate your stamina, attack power, or defensive power. Your power regenerates over time, but if you want to instantly restore it to full, you can purchase it. It's pretty expensive though, (1 buck per item). But you also get a lot of it free through questing and events so you don't have to spend anything to get a nice stock of supplies. You could also spend money to purchase a "card pack" which spits out a random card. The problem is that it's random, so I don't think it's a good value. You could get the best card in the game, or get something absolutely terrible.

    With that said, I'm getting by pretty well without having to spend any money.

    I would suggest you give this game a try! It's free to play so you won't have anything to lose.
    If you found this review helpful, please download and complete the tutorial. The tutorial will teach you the basics of questing, evolving cards, and battling other players. At the end of the tutorial, please enter my referral code: nkg56084.

    This will give you a good amount of in-game money and a good card that will help you get started. When I started, I used a referral code and found the money to be very helpful, and the card is very good to start with.

    Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

    (Referral Code: nkg56084)

  5. New referral hack code!!!!
    at lv 10 it will give you 9999999 rupies and if you trade it to a friend. you will still have 9999999!!!
    Once you lv to 11, it fix its self. so buy before you level!


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