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Rage of Bahamut Quick Battle Guide

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This is a Quick rage of bahamut battle guide for battling with the other player. To starting battle mode, you can click the battle button on the bottom in your home page.

Rage of Bahamut Quick Battle Guide
Rage of Bahamut Quick Battle Guide

You will be directly in to battle page. You can choose your opponent, by treasure possessed, from rivals or choose from similar level. For example if you choose base on opponent, you can click the button. Next you will be seeing all opponents in the screen. You can use the scroll to searching the opponent that suitable for you.

After you choose the opponent, you need to choose your deck for the battle. There is an option to choose your recommend deck for battle or you can use the deck that you built before. After completed the deck, you can began the battle.

In the result of the battle, if you win you will be getting the reward.

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