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Rage of Bahamut Tips for New Player

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I will share some rage of bahamut tips for new player who want to playing in a better ways to save some money and fast leveling. Because some new player always make a mistake at first time trying to play.

Rage of Bahamut Tips for New Player
Rage of Bahamut Tips for New Player

Here are the Rage of Bahamut tips for new player:
- For fast leveling until level 40 you can focus on stamina attributes, i am trying it and get fast leveling. In another case you can get a few of the legend card in the battle for free.

- Minimum uses the cure water or may be you can save it until you get the higher level. If you in high level you will be had a great stamina, so the cure water is more perfect use in it.

- If you want to get higher level cards, you should to save the holy powder. If you in higher level like 40 and there is events you will be get the better rewards by using the holy powder.

- Enhancing will allow you to waste your cards and rupies. The better ways to enhancing cards is enhance the cards if they are in fully evolved, that will be save you cards and rupies.

That’s some Rage of Bahamut Tips for New Player, who wants to play in the right ways.


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  3. For a Rare card and 100,000 rupies enter code: rup45419. At the end of the tutorial

  4. Great game and very addicting. A little hard to navigate at first but u will catch on pretty quick. Use my referral code for 100k rupies and a rare card that can be evolved into a super super rare card.

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  5. Thanks, that was a great card. And now I have plenty of the rupies

  6. Code; rup45419. Will get you a Rare Hild card and 100,000 rupies

  7. Tutorial Code: fog05270
    Special Code: fog05270
    Anyone who likes strategy games should give this a shot. This is one game that if you are consistent and patient, you can progress far without paying.
    * Get through tutorial and use a code for tons of money and an awesome card: Code: fog05270
    * DO NOT use your Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Later in the game you will need them. Especially for special events. You can also barter them for Rare and better cards.
    * DO NOT let experienced players rip you off in trades. Always check the forums for current rates for trade. For example: Some players will try and trade you 2 or 3 rare cards for a high rare. When the rate is usually 8 rares for 1 High Rare. Or they will try to get you to trade tons of Holy Powders or Cure Waters. Don't fall for it! You can usually get a rare for 2 Holy Powders :)
    * Don't hastily evolve rare and better cards. Enhance them first and then evolve. BE PATIENT! That is how you will eventually dominate.

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    Gotta disagree with the last tip if you were to have enough of the same card to long evolve it and enhance every card through patience you could reach that cards max potential which doing this method takes a lot of rupies and a lot of cards
    Long evolve is like this :
    Card A max level
    Card B max level> evolve them together= Card C

    Card A max level
    Card B max level> evolve.them together= Card C

    Card C max level
    Card C max level > evolve them together= Card D

    Repeat previous steps till you get another Card D

    Card D max level
    Card D max level > evolve them together= Card E

    After max level Card E you've just brought out full potential of the card you wish to evolve

    It's difficult to do this method with rares but High normals It's not as nearly as hard , as you can see you'll need a LOT of patience especially if you attempt to this with high tier cards

  10. Addicting game! Use my referral code to get the usual bonuses (rare card plus 100k rupees) and I'll throw in an extra rare for free.

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  11. Great game! To get off to a good start, register and insert the code “baf71429″ at the end of the tutorial to receive 100000 rupies and a rare Angelic knight card!

    Good Luck!


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