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Rage of Bahamut Cerberus

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The rage of bahamut Cerberus is one of the ss rare card from faction demon. The card obtain from keepers of the Easter egg with rank #4-10 for one card or rank #500, #1000, #2000, #5000 and #10000 for two card.

Rage of Bahamut Cerberus
Rage of Bahamut Cerberus

The Cerberus card has six stars supporting by 4290 attack and 4050 defense with 32 point of power cost. The Cerberus is using double flame as special ability that good for boosting attack and defends for demon alignment.

In another case, the rage of bahamut Cerberus is a normal card, so you can evolve the card into to max evolve with flow; Cerberus -> Cerberus+ -> Cerberus++ -> [Tricepticanus Magica] Cerberus. The max evolve of Cerberus will be get the seven star status.

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