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Rage of Bahamut Orb Treasure

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In the rage of bahamut Orb treasure set include red orb, blue orb, green orb, Yellow orb, purple orb and emerald orb. All of the orb treasure can you get from the quest from chapter six until chapter nine.

Rage of Bahamut Orb Treasure
Rage of Bahamut Orb Treasure

There is three quest for the orb treasure at chapter 6; Head for MT loca, defeat the attacking monsters and found off the monster counter attack. In chapter 7 you can find the treasure in proceed intowardyne forest and protect the queen quest.

In the chapter 8 you can obtain the rage of bahamut orb treasure from quest; travel to rivdell with the princess, protect the princess from attack and take the princess back to rivdell. Now in chapter 9 there are 2 quests to get the orb treasure in head for the monster hideout and defeat the monster Minions.

For the entire orb quest in the chapter 6 into chapter 9, you have 10 quest chances to get the set of the orb treasures. After you complete it all, you can get the reward for the Pegasus knight rare card.

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