Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Card

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There is a lot of rage of bahamut card that you can get in the game from the normal type until the legend card. If you playing rage of bahamut you will be happy if get 3 legend card battle Zeus, Bombshell Cleopatra and Three Dog Demon Cerberus.

Rage of Bahamut Card
Rage of Bahamut Card

The Zeus card has 5200 attack and 4900 defense with special ability with hit to foes man ATK and Def, but the Zeus has 37 power cost. The Cleopatra has more status than Zeus with 8262 attack and 6732 defense with special ability smile of fascination and low power cost at 32.

For the three dog demon Cerberus has a same power cost with the Cleopatra with 7722 attack and 7290 defense and also double flame as special Ability skill.

Keep searching to get the 3 legend rage of bahamut card, it will be nicely if you have it.

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