Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Terminal Registration

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The rage of bahamut terminal registration is a place that you put the referral code after doing the tutorials. There are a lot of rewards that you get from the code, like rare card, rupies or other items.

Rage of Bahamut Terminal Registration
Rage of Bahamut Terminal Registration

There is some attention about the rage of bahamut terminal registration. You cannot use the same device or shared tablet to create a dummy account and use the referral code in it. And if you do it, you will be get the error messenger, will says " you already registration"

In another case, the system rage of bahamut terminal registration code it is very helping for a new player that need more card or money rewards. But you should to know, every referral code has different rewards. So pick the best referral code to use in your game.


  1. What can you do if you made another account because you forgot about the other one and tried playing rage of bahamut but it says error already registered with the device what can I do so I recieve my presents ? And other things

    1. In the ROB system every registered device is recoded in it. So you can same device to play the ROB. If you forgot the account ROB, you can contact the mobage with this mail: or you can visit the official website and click the contact us.

  2. Sir, madam, I am called Panyachak ariya and I address you because in the game "Rage of Bahamut ", on Android, I do not manage to take all my prices. Knowing that I am for the 24th level.

  3. I had two titans in my deck that r gone now was i hacked..i want them back..

  4. today an new one started, if you use the following code: pit48237 you wil get 50k rupies (currency that is used atm) and a rare card. and if you reach level 10 and contact me (jenesis19) than i wil give you 100k and a extra card.

    it doesnt matter what code you use atm the rewards wil be the same exept i give you a little extra at lvl 10

  5. I have a question. I can't buy anything from the Bazaar store, even though I have the tickets and items required. Everything here says, "cannot buy," even though I have all items required. Anybody else having this problem?


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