Monday, 18 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Realm Based Booster Box

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Now, the realm base booster box has been release at rage of bahamut game. But this features for a limited time period. So if you have a chance to get it, doesn’t forget to buy the Booster Box.

Rage of Bahamut Realm Based Booster Box
Rage of Bahamut Realm Based Booster Box

What is the Realm Based booster box mean? With that booster box you can choose to buy some cards that you pick from your realm. So the card will be available in your deck as a same realm.

In another case, you must know, the mobage team already adds various rare until high rare cards into the game. So don’t miss these features. Have fun!


  1. Are the cards all rares/high rares? Theres no description of their rarity and I dont want to risk spending 15 bucks on commons.

    1. That is random drop with chance 60% to get rare/high rare cards

  2. Yikes, a 40% chance of getting less then a rare is pretty bad for the price.


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