Friday, 15 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Princess

Tags: Rare Card, Man Card, Princess Angle

The princess is rare card from man faction with three stars on card. This card can be obtained from card packs, event or trading with the other players.

Rage of Bahamut Princess
Rage of Bahamut Princess

The rage of bahamut princess has 1000-3000 attack and 1000-3000 defenses. The card is increase 50 point at attack and defense in every level until max 3000 points. The princess card use little yell skill ability that has effect to small boosting attack or defense to all card.

In full evolve, the princess card can be change into SS rare card [Hope] Princess Angel. That card has 3200 attack and 3200 defense point with 18 costs of power consumption and uses Royal Yell skill ability for great boosting attack or defenses all cards.

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