Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Leader Card

Tags: Stronger Card, Defense Leader card, Block Boss

Leader card is the most important part of combination for your deck. Most people have strategy only use the stronger leader for the stronger boss, Because they are dont want to waste the best card. That plan is always work in the event.

Rage of Bahamut Leader Card
Rage of Bahamut Leader Card

What is the best combination leader card with the other card on deck? Many people put the stronger defense with skill ability and combining with attacker cards. That plan will be scare off attackers from stealing your treasure or items.

In some case, that all its depends on your cards and class. Some skill ability doesn't work with different class. But everytime you battle, you will be get more experience how to build your deck with stronger attack or defense and combining with the other card. (Your experience is your power).

To setup the leader card, you can click Menu Button and click card, next you need to pick a card as leader, give the name and the click set as leader button.

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