Monday, 11 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Kratos

Tags: Gods faction, Power Break, Card Packs

The Kratos is one of the rare cards from gods faction with three stars on card. You can't obtain the kratos card from line quest or from event rewards, the rage of bahamut kratos only can be obtained from the Card Packs with randomly drop.

Rage of Bahamut Kratos
Rage of Bahamut Kratos

Kratos have 2400 attack and 1770 defense with 18 cost of the power. This card is very useful to hit man faction defense with power break as the skill ability. So if your opponent is man, you can use kratos card.

In another case, the kratos can be evolving into high rare card [Adamantine] Kratos with four stars on card. That card has 4320 attack and 3186 defense with same at power cost and skill ability.

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