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Rage of Bahamut Demon Queen

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The Demon Queen card is from the demon faction. The card has rare rarity with the three stars. The rage of bahamut demon queen only can be obtained from the multiple events with the ranking system. But you can also get the card by trading with the other players.

Rage of Bahamut Demon Queen
Rage of Bahamut Demon Queen

The demon queen card has 100 attack and 300 defense point and also consumption 100 of power cost. This card only worth for 1 rupies in market price and can't be evolve to another variants.

So, what is demon queen use for? The demon queen is more powerful card at enhancing. If you use this card at enhance, the demon card will be raise 50% skill level up rate in every cards. If you want to fast to leveling the skill of every card, make sure to use the demon queen card.

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