Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Lancelot

Tags: S Rare Man, Knight of the Lake, Aroundight

The Lancelot is S rare card from man faction with five stars on card. You can obtain the Lancelot card from card pack or trading with other player. The card is very advantage, so if you want to trade you need to give the best offer for it.

Rage of Bahamut Lancelot
Rage of Bahamut Lancelot

The rage of bahamut Lancelot has 3080-7350 attack and 3770-9780 defense point with 27 costs of the power consumption. The Lancelot is using aroundight skill ability that great for boosting man faction defense. This card is sells for 21,000R

In the full evolve, the Lancelot can be form into SS Rare card [Knight of the lake] Lancelot with 5544 attack and 6786 defense point. As you know effect of the Lancelot skill, this card is very powerful to decrease attack from the enemies.

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