Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Kriemhild

Tags: Man Rare Card, Block Boss Attack, Cruel Oath

The Kriemhild is one of the rare cards from man faction with three stars on card. This card can be obtaining from the roar of the dragons event as reward for slaying the dragons.

Rage of Bahamut Kriemhild
Rage of Bahamut Kriemhild

The rage of bahamut Kriemhild has 1870 - 4670 attack and 2120 - 5310 defenses with 17 cost of power consumption. This card is very useful if you fight with boss event, because with light pageant ability skill, the Kriemhild can blocks one attack that coming from bosses.

In the maximum evolve; the Kriemhild can be change into high rare card [Cruel Oath] Kriemhild with 3366 attack and 3816 defense point. This form also has a same cost of power consumption and skill ability with the Kriemhild card.

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