Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rage of Bahamut Gold Fox

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The Gold Fox is one of the rare cards from Gods faction. If you fight with the demons faction, you can combine the gold fox with another attacker cards. Those settings should be more powerful to defeat the demons faction in fast.

Rage of Bahamut Gold Fox
Rage of Bahamut Gold Fox

It is because the card has Radiant Ring of fire as skill ability that have an effect to medium hit foe's demons defense. The Rage of bahamut Gold fox also have 2510 attack and 1830 defense with 19 cost of the power.

The Gold fox can be evolving into [Daylight Gleam] Gold Fox. That full evolve will be have 4 stars as High Rare card with 4518 attack and 3294 defense point.

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