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Rage of Bahamut Defense

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The best rage of bahamut defense card is come from the man faction. As we know before, the man faction always good in defense from attacking enemies.

Rage of Bahamut Defense
Rage of Bahamut Defense

For the normal card, you can choose the pirate card with 780 Attack and 1140 defense. Another option you can choose kunoichi trainee or Ninja trainee, because those card can be defense and attack in same time with stat 1150 attack and 1100 defense for Kunoichi trainee and 1050 attack and 1030 defense for Ninja trainee.

For the HN and rare cards, you can choose the shaman card with 1140 attack and 1110 defense include small boost to man Attack and defense skill ability. For the rare card you can choose high lancer or Iseult as defend option cards.

In the HR, SR or SSR card all cards is more powerful at defense supporting by the skill ability. Like King Arthur with massive boost to man def or Jeanne D'Arc for massive boost to def all card in deck.

If you want to beat enemies with a good attack and defense. You need to choose some card with ability boosting for Attack and defense in same time or combining with one boost defense to all cards.

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